What is EezyBee?

November 12, 2017  By EezyBee support team (KP)

Do you need to turn your skills into a stable source of income? Or find an expert to complete a job for you?
Service provider or service seeker, you will find what you need on EezyBee. No more quote chasing, no more phone calls, no more confusion on pricing. With EezyBee, all service prices and descriptions are up front, and you can transact everything online. You really do not have to go anywhere else!

And it’s free to sign up.

• Service providers can easily:
• Find local requested services
• Offer services to clients
• Get notified when hired
• Chat with clients
• Create schedules
• Manage ongoing services

Service seekers can easily:
• Find local offered services
• Request services from providers
• Hire service providers
• Chat with service providers
• Create schedules
• Manage ongoing services

Join us today!

We hope to make your life more manageableand convenient.
Hire a local professional and get the job done through our platform.

Our goal is to create meaningful business relationships within our communities for more efficient, productive, and trustworthy results.

Join us today!

We hope to make your life more manageable and convenient

We Support, We Wish, Your Time is Precious

We Support and value solid work results from trustworthy individuals. Productivity and client satisfaction are just some of the things we value the most!

We Wish to create meaningful business relationships within our comunities for efficiency, productivity, and trustworthy services.

Your Time is Precious We want you to able to spend more time on the more important things in life!


EezyBee support team (KP)

We provider support to our all user's make them user friendly access on Website and Mobile Application.

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Robert Woods  Software Engineer ( Provider )

It's a great platform.1 year ago