Four Ways to Grow your Small Business through EezyBee

December 12, 2017  By Jena Spiro

It’s no secret that operating a small business can be challenging, and marketing your company in order to set yourself apart can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. The team at EezyBee is hoping to make all this easier through their innovative new online platform. Their online marketplace is dedicated to helping small businesses and other service providers connect with potential customers with ease and without breaking the bank. Below are four ways EezyBee’s innovative platform can help your small business thrive.

1. Build Consumer Trust

Service seekers can search for potential service providers with confidence when using EezyBee’s online marketplace platform. EezyBee’s goal is to cut down on the amount of time people spend looking for trusted and highly rated businesses or service providers to handle a job, giving them more time to spend doing the things they enjoy; and to ease the effort small businesses and service providers need to reach out to customers and serve their customers’ needs. The back-and-forth quote chasing is effectively put to an end, all service prices and descriptions are stated upfront, and the entire service can be transacted online or from your mobile phone, including issuing receipts and invoices, keeping a record of hours and costs, and discussing work with clients. EezyBee makes it simple for service seekers to find the services they need in a seamless, simple fashion. It’s truly your one-stop online shop.

EezyBee is dedicated to ensuring that service seekers and service providers have a seamless experience from start to finish.

2. You Receive the S.T.A.R.R. Experience

EezyBee is dedicated to ensuring that service seekers and service providers have a seamless experience from start to finish. EezyBee was designed to provide what they term a ‘S.T.A.A.R. experience’ to the service provider and seeker communities – Seamless, Trustworthy, Affordable, Accessible and Reliable services. When small businesses sign-up to EezyBee’s online marketplace, their offered service can be posted and is easily searchable. By simply clicking the browse tab, people will find a list of service providers broken down alphabetically by expertise or service offered, making it simple to scroll through and find any service. In addition, the service provider is offered a holistic customer service platform that allows planning, scheduling, invoicing, and closing a job to be seamless and easy.


3. Proximity is Key

When service seekers are on the hunt for the right candidate to complete a job, they more than likely want the business to be in close proximity. EezyBee’s online platform helps service seekers connect with service providers based on their geographical proximity, as well as rating and expertise. This innovative tool significantly cuts down on the amount of time it would usually take a service seeker to find and hire a trusted service provider. It also allows a service provider to plan their work schedule by keeping track of the location of their clients and scheduling work around this.


4. Cut Down on Marketing Expenses

Marketing your small business can be costly. EezyBee understands the struggles small businesses face, and aims to help alleviate that stress by creating another stream of income. Many small businesses or individuals who specialize in a particular craft do not have the budget to build a website or market their business in order to reach their target audience. That’s where EezyBee steps in. EezyBee’s platform gives small businesses and individuals the opportunity to be featured within an online marketplace, increasing the chances of connecting with customers. The rating feature also allows for businesses that excel and offer exceptional customer service to come out on top in a seeker’s search. Each service provider can also build their profile to reflect their expertise and capabilities, and to connect to potential clients.

EezyBee is dedicated to giving small businesses a “voice” and helping them market their services through this online marketplace with the goal of reaching new service seekers, gaining referrals, and increasing revenue. Service seekers now have a platform that allows easy selection, scheduling, and completion of work. A win-win for all.

Jena Spiro

Jena is the lead Public Relations and Marketing representative at EezyBee.


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