Four Ways EezyBee’s Online Marketplace Platform is Disrupting the Service Sector

December 23, 2017  By Jena Spiro

EezyBee, an innovative online marketplace platform which recently launched in Silicon Valley, is changing the landscape as to how people find and hire service providers within their area. EezyBee’s business model is simple and seamless. The concept connects service seekers to service providers without the hassle and waste of countless hours, or even days, negotiating a price. To support good conduct and transparency, the prices are stated upfront, so both parties have a clear understanding of the exact cost and expectation of the job. Below are a few ways EezyBee is redefining the service sector by helping service seekers find service providers, while also giving individuals a platform to reinvent themselves by offering them a channel to share their skillsets with the community. 

1. It Saves Service Seekers Time

We’ve likely all been in the position where we needed a service completed within a certain timeline. Whether that be a mechanic, a hair stylist or a babysitter for example, it takes an adequate amount of time to research, call and then negotiate an appropriate and fair cost before making a hire. EezyBee is shaking up that exhausting process by providing service seekers a platform to quickly search for a provider that includes a description of their services, vetted reviews and an upfront price. It’s a one-stop shop that takes less than five minutes to make the right hire. 

EezyBee is dedicated to helping people within their community connect in a seamless, transparent and trustworthy way.

2. Turn Your Hobby Into Income

Do you have a life-skill or passion that you’re currently only doing in your free time? Though you may think it’s only suitable as a hobby, there’s a good chance you could turn your special skill into a side job, or even a business venture. With EezyBee’s online marketplace platform, individuals with special skills have the opportunity to reach service seekers within their community by simply joining EezyBee. Basically, any skill set that provides value to others or to the community fits within EezyBee’s online marketplace platform. That could be anything from painting, landscaping, floral design, baking, web design, etc. It’s a channel to help individuals looking to turn their hobby, or special skill into an alternative stream of income. 


3. Community Interaction 

EezyBee is dedicated to helping people within their community connect in a seamless, transparent and trustworthy way. With the potential to offer thousands of different services, people have the opportunity to engage and access more affordable and trustworthy services that will directly benefit their community’s economy. EezyBee’s platform provides individuals with the opportunity to create more jobs within their community by using the S.T.A.A.R Service:

A Seamless, Trustworthy, Affordable, Accessible and Reliable Service.


4. Improves Quality of Life

There are only so many hours in a day, and why waste precious time doing something that a platform can do for you? EezyBee’s intuitive platform drastically cuts down on the amount of time spent researching, calling and hiring a service provider, which means more time spent doing the things that enhance your life as well as the life of others. Families can join EezyBee together and discover great enjoyment connecting with local service providers, and sharing their experience with their community. Service seekers will find a tool that they can integrate into their own lifestyle. For many, that passion or special skill that was put on the “back burner” as just a hobby can be turned into an income stream with EezyBee. To interact with the community, EezyBee hosts discussion groups where professionals share their knowledge on how to effectively use the platform as a tool to create an alternative income.


When there are less financial stressors in an individual's life, there’s more room for happiness, community involvement and personal growth. By disrupting the online marketplace, EezyBee has a vision to create more jobs on a national level and make it easier for service seekers to efficiently find and hire service providers online.


EezyBee now has plans to launch the platform on a global scale in 2018.

Jena Spiro

Jena is the lead Public Relations and Marketing representative at EezyBee.

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