How EezyBee’s Online Marketplace Platform is Connecting Communities Across the Country

December 28, 2017  By Jena Spiro


We’ve all heard the saying “it takes a village”, and this timeless phrase also applies to companies starting from the ground up with their eyes laser-focused on reaching the top. EezyBee, an innovative online marketplace platform, is designed to help service seekers connect to service providers according to their geographic location and proximity. The concept goes far beyond a business model with the intentions to disrupt the current online marketplaces available. EezyBee has been carefully and steadily preparing to use their unique platform to help service seekers and providers connect in a seamless fashion. They also have a goal to unite the two forces to build a powerful community relationship that can easily be recreated from city-to-city, as well as from state-to-state.


EezyBee offers small businesses and individuals a solution to help support and grow their business...

The founder of EezyBee recognizes the importance of connecting service seekers and service providers in such a way that the service seeker can trust that the provider they’re conversing with is vetted, trustworthy and has great reviews from people within their own community, perhaps even a neighbor a few blocks over. That’s the level of community-driven business EezyBee is dedicated to nurturing in every community across the country.


EezyBee also aims to add positively to the community by providing positive and transparent interactions between service seekers and providers. They are also thinking green from the start— eliminating paper printing by offering an eco-friendly, purely digital platform that does away with printed invoices and receipts, giving you the freedom to manage all your records digitally. By creating an innovative marketplace that offers new opportunities in the service sector, this allows small businesses and individuals who do not have the resources to build their own website or design their own marketing materials attract new customers. EezyBee offers small businesses and individuals a solution to help support and grow their business, and in turn enrich the local economy.


Furthermore, EezyBee’s platform aims to drastically improve business transactions within certain communities by supporting positivity and transparency for both service providers and seekers. Transparency is a key component of EezyBee’s platform. Prices for services are started upfront, which in turn eliminates the back-and-forth haggling and negotiating that can not only take time for one’s day, but can also create unwarranted stress. EezyBee’s business model approach is designed to give service seekers a quick and trustworthy solution to make the right hire, as well as give service providers new opportunities to create another funnel of income. By exploring untapped avenues for additional income for families around the globe, EezyBee has a vision already set in motion to further disrupt the online marketplace platform.

Jena Spiro

Jena is the lead Public Relations and Marketing representative at EezyBee.

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