How you can Reduce Student Debt with EezyBee

January 06, 2018  By Gabriel Melean


According to the United States Federal Reserve, students in debt pay about $351.00 every month on average in 2018. As a student who graduated from San Jose State University (go spartans) I’d like to collectively say I feel your pain. Based out of the bay area, I have firsthand experience dealing with the high costs of living, the taxes on taxes, and the catch 22 we call ‘student loans’. The real catch 22 here is the fact that we’re expected to pay off student loans when we don’t (or at least I didn’t at the time) have full time jobs. There’s a reason we ration our chicken flavored top ramen, people.

So...what gives? How are we expected to pay off these monumental loans when we’re struggling to make ends meet? Well, the obvious answer is to make more money...but this is easier said than done. I considered myself a journeyman when it came to school. I’ve walked across the fields of West Valley College, eaten lunch in the De Anza College parking lot, and regularly felt the confines of Evergreen Valley I knew how expensive tuition could be across the community college spectrum. It wasn’t until I gleefully logged into my sjsuone account to pay for my tuition when I felt the warm rush of panic wash over me... after seeing the total for my first semester’s tuition.


EezyBee allows you to be your own boss, create your own schedule, and earn income based on your convenience.


Not all of us are so fortunate, though, and something tells me that many of you are finding yourselves in a similar pickle.


Well…I am excited to share with you some good news in regards to a new opportunity.


I'm fortunate and feel blessed to be a part of a startup that’s constantly innovating for ways to deliver effective tools for everyday connectivity, productivity and wellbeing. Our team recently launched an online community driven service marketplace platform that allows individuals (including students) to sign up as service providers and transform any of their hobbies, skills, or talents into services and get paid for it.

The platform is called EezyBee. The name came about from the terms Efficient Effective Zesty Bee. Most of us are consumed by work and life’s responsibilities...which makes it hard for us to manage everything around us as efficiently and effectively as say... a ‘Bee’. EezyBee allows you to be your own boss, create your own schedule, and earn income based on your convenience. Now you’ll be able to prioritize your studies while getting paid when you choose to work.

EezyBee offers free sign up to allow users to post services on EezyBee. Therefore, user demographics (such as students) with limited resources will not have to worry about initial unnecessary expenses to market and promote services and gain visibility. EezyBee’s ultimate goal is to make it as ‘Eezy’ as possible for you to start your own business endeavor and get paid for your services. That’s why our slogan is “Take it easy with EezyBee”.

Overall, I recommend the first thing to do is to visit and explore the platform. You’ll find that EezyBee is a joy to use and I think once users have seen just how comprehensive the platform is, they’ll be drawn to it. We, the EezyBee team, hope the platform can be the launchpad of your future successful business.

Gabriel Melean

Gabe Melean is the Operations Associate of the EezyBee Team.

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