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January 16, 2018  By Molly, A Community Bee


Walking down memory lane to the time I moved to the US in early 2008, I can see tremendous changes in the surroundings that once greeted me. I was lucky back in the day to land in such a sweet spot in the Mission Bay Area, close to the UCSF Life Sciences Campus where I used to work. AT&T Park and the local Caltrain were just a short walk from my former “bachelorette pad”.

There weren't many high rises or high-end apartments at the time.  Instead, the area was dominated by unoccupied warehouses. I recall how uneasy I felt walking alone at night after many late hours working on my research at UCSF. 

I remember around the same time, the housing market crashed. For the first time, I saw from the balcony of my rent-controlled apartment a drop-down banner from a nearby newly constructed high-end condo displaying a real estate sale ad for a  “2 bedroom apartment from $150K”. Wow, the price was appealing. I wished I had some savings or family funds for such lucrative investment…unfortunately no. The prospect was driven further out of reach given that I was on my temporary work visa that time, so making a long-term investment in my future in the US was an uncertain prospect at best.

In the next few years, I witnessed tremendous changes around me... The UCSF Mission Bay expansion continues to play a big role in that area's development. The entrepreneurial spirit and culture started booming as well. The area that used to be dominated by warehouses turned into a booming innovation park. Everywhere you turned, you found entrepreneurs bouncing ideas with one another. More and more people from overseas and elsewhere in the US moved in to be part of the Bay Area community and to be part of the impactful innovation. As I experienced more and more crowding around me, housing and other costs again started on an inflationary path, further exacerbated by newly enriched Silicon Valley commuters seeking an urban lifestyle.


With the cost of living continuously rising, there's no reason for us to sit back, watch, and hope for an opportunity. 


The trend continues today due to the shrinking supply of affordable housing, the growth of the tech community, and the rise of living costs. Despite the proliferation in availability of technology in the form of digital platforms enabling a new “gig economy”, very few offer free membership, direct and transparent competitive pricing when it comes to communicating services offered or requested. Usually, a substantial amount of time needed to be invested to gather service provider contact information and to search competitive offerings on the basis of price, quality, and personal reviews. Not to mention the back and forth communication comparing the quotes to allow a simple decision to be made. 


What's more frustrating was the need to get some cash handy to pay the service provider. This is an unhealthy arrangement considering that:

  1. Paying cash can result in discrepancy income reporting and compliance evasion
  2. Paying cash distracts service users from tracking expense history, thus resulting in poor management of financial wellbeing 

Above all, it appears that existing platforms provide no focus on making the service network/ecosystem to be community driven “from the community to the community”. There was not much effort in the service marketplace to create tangible values and leverage the wellbeing of the community as a whole. Often, the full range of the service economy is only accessible to certain demographics with certain income brackets that have more spare cash to engage services to help manage chores. The same privilege seems very limited for the lower income households to experience.

This situation creates a unique opportunity to provide a simple solution that tackles the two challenges that could benefit the community: 

  1. More affordable services that are available to everyone to meet whatever budget and requirement one has
  2. Unbiased opportunity to earn income and make the service pricing more competitive and valuable by providing avenues for individuals to monetize skills, talent, hobbies, passions, and spare time


I am excited to see the arrival of EezyBee and its positioning to be the community-driven marketplace/tool that responds to these challenges by helping build the community, create sustainable and tangible values, help establish deeper social connections, produce more engagement, and above all create better a financial status and well-being for the community.

With the cost of living continuously rising, there's no reason for us to sit back, watch, and hope for an opportunity. 

Now, everyone has an avenue to earn an income independent of their employment status. With the high rate of turnover in urban settings like the Bay Area, EezyBee may be your temporary gig before you land your next job.

  • Students can also use EezyBee to start paying off debt or support themselves while studying. No need to wait until college graduation and spend years working one's way to free themselves from debt. 
  • The stay-at-home mom or dad can also turn their time into money while having the company of beloved ones by their side.
  • Retirees can also realize these benefits and have some additional income without depleting their life's savings.
  • Entrepreneurs should see EezyBee as an avenue to earn temporary income while pitching ideas waiting for the next big thing to happen. Entrepreneurs can also utilize EezyBee as a launchpad to start their business, promote their offerings, gain visibility, and test the market without unnecessary overhead expenses.
  • Household members can also combine forces and earn extra as a family unit, doing things together and strengthening family bonds as well as financial gain.
  • Two friends can turn their hobbies into a service offering and monetize it while enjoying each other's companionship.


There are countless possibilities and the best part is these opportunities are open and accessible to everyone. Individuals can access services and find selections that are suitable for their needs and budget and can’t be found any other way. Everything is made simple, via a seamless end-to-end digital experience for both service seekers and service providers. The platform practices transparency and upfront pricing among its key aspects. Users can make connections, communicate, hire, schedule and monitor service status, make or receive payment, and track expenses and earnings. We also emphasize localization. The first time you look for service,  you may be surprised to learn that you can get high-quality service from someone in your neighborhood at a fraction of the price you'd pay common providers. Not only that, but you may help someone in your neighborhood earn something extra for their family needs or education. It is truly a win-win opportunity for all. 

Molly, A Community Bee

Molly is a continuing service seeker on EezyBee.

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