EezyBee Is a Money Making and Money Saving Marketplace For Service Providers and Service Seekers

January 24, 2018  By A Waheed


This is the era of technology and busy lifestyles. Whether it’s an individual or a business owner, managing time and tasks takes a lot of effort. And sometimes, it costs a good deal of money as well, which is hard to earn in today’s competitive world. The team at EezyBee online marketplace platform knows the struggle service seekers and service providers go through to get things done. And the EezyBee platform makes it easier for them to get what they want. 

Since the competition is getting intense, looking for work is becoming harder and harder. When I graduated and started looking for work, I released that it was not a child’s play to land your first job. I struggled and struggled a lot, but couldn’t land my first dream job. And then I got a small job at a local bar, and don’t get me started on how much I got paid. 

And then I came across EezyBee and I found it really helpful in getting some work and getting paid without going through any trouble or frustration. 


"EezyBee is a great service marketplace that offers both money making and money saving opportunities"


At EezyBee, the platform allows both service providers and service seekers sign up to meet their needs. Service providers have their own skill sets that they can showcase to potential clients in their community through this amazing platform. All they have they to do is sign up to EezyBee creating a profile. 

Service seekers go through a similar but slightly different procedure. They also have to sign up and post their jobs describing the type of services they need along with the amount of remuneration they are willing to pay in exchange. It’s as easy it sounds. 

The traditional approach to looking for service providers in the local community is not as seamless and cost-effective as the new digital approach where you can hire a service provider without leaving the comfort of your house. EezyBee makes it so much easier. Now, you don’t have to go from door to door burning fuel and looking for someone who could take care of your baby while you are away or who could walk your dog while you could see your father who is sick miles away from your house. 

Likewise, service provides can make some extra bucks by offering their talents, skills or expertise to people in their own geographies or localities. And guess what? All they have to do is log in to their accounts at EezyBee and check out job offerings posted by service seekers in the relevant categories. Yes, as a service provider, you can earn substantial cash by meeting the needs of local service seekers provided you have some extra time to devote in addition the skills required by each client. 

The crux of the matter is that EezyBee can add positivity to communities by helping service providers and service seekers in tons of fields get together, discuss their needs and want and get things done in a cost-effective manner. This is a win-win deal for both parties. This great marketplace offers moneymaking and money saving opportunities, especially for students who have a skill set and a few spare hours to serve people in their own communities and get paid for the services. EezyBee is truly a visionary marketplace that can change the community and the world for better. 

A Waheed

A Waheed is a community contributor with passion to support initiatives that positively impact the community.

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