Strengthen Your Family’s Bond And Be On Your Feet Again With EezyBee

January 26, 2018  By A Waheed

Making money is important. In fact, it’s as important as having a smooth blood circulation in the body. If the blood in your body doesn’t flow steadily, you have problems to face. 

Wasting the extra time you and the other members of your family may have is not a good idea. There are ways for everyone to get the most of their time, skills and talents. Even your kids and preteens may use their spare time to do something productive, learn a lesson, and make a few extra bucks. 

As a parent, you want to do the best for your beloved kids. Even if you have a busy schedule, you can find some time to do things that can strengthen your bond with your family members. 

Being Unemployed Is The Worst Nightmare 

In another scenario, if you are a jobless parent, you have more ways than one to lessen your stress, find some work and ask your children for a helping hand to do so you can earn money until you land your new job. 

This will not only help you get on your feet once again after losing a job but will also help you develop good family relationships. Strong families get even stronger from love, communication, connection, and security. 

Most Kids Don’t Realize The Value Of Money

Money doesn’t grow on trees, which is a sad reality. Unfortunately, most preteens of today don’t have a clue as to how to go about managing money in an effective fashion. According to surveys, most teens don’t even know that using credit cards is a type of borrowing, and that banks charge interest on credit card transactions. 

If you are a parent of a preteen or two, know that it’s your duty to teach your kids how to become financially responsible, and you can do this in many ways. 

EezyBee Can Help You Get Back On Your Feet

Being a jobless parent is nightmare, and if you are in need of work, you can look around within your community to provide your service to those who need them. 

And if you have no idea where to start, EezyBee may help you do just that. EezyBee’s mission is to develop better communities by providing them a means to serve each other and get projects done or earn a steady stream of income on the side. 

EezyBee is an ideal solution for you if you are out of job or you and your family members have some extra time to do things that can bring some extra cash while adding value to the community. 

If you are a parent of a preteen or two, know that it’s your duty to teach your kids how to become financially responsible, and you can do this in many ways.

At EezyBee, you, as a service provider, can look for contract-based job offerings by another individual in your area, and let him or her know that you are interested in the work they want to get done. And if your 9-year-old is free during those hours, you can take them with you to help you, especially if you think leaving them home alone is not a good idea. 

At EezyBee, you may get hired to offer many services, such as:

  • Babysit small kids
  • Pet care services
  • House sit service
  • Car or bike washing services
  • House cleaning 
  • Lawn mowing 
  • Raking leaves 
  • Shoveling snow
  • Walking dogs 
  • And taking care of pets, to name a few

These are just a few of thousands of services that you might offer as a service provider to your community members through this avenue called EezyBee, which is an affordable online service marketplace with a vision to develop communities. 

Instead of letting your kids and teens sit idle or play computer games all day long, especially during holidays or vacations, you can take them with you so that can learn to become more aware of the importance of earning money through effort. And this mindset will help them throughout their life, especially those times of their lives when you won’t be there to advice them. 

So, check out EezyBee today to work towards a better present and a bright future for both you and your family. 

A Waheed

A Waheed is a community contributor with passion to support initiatives that positively impact the community.

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