EezyBee Connects Fitness Enthusiasts with Fitness Seekers For Building a Healthier Community

January 29, 2018  By Max

Around five years back, my friend David and I started going to the gym on a regular basis. It was not my idea, though. In those days, I was having a back pain that was eating me on the inside. 

And that’s more to it. I was unable to perform my day-to-day chores due to the chronic back pain. This pain had a serious negative impact on my productivity. Thank God I had my own small business and I didn’t have to worry about getting up right at 7 o clock to leave for work. My work schedule was a bit flexible. 

Getting up late and spending most of my day in the front of my computer was my routine, which was one of the factors that contributed to my back pain. I was not an outdoor type of person, and had no special physical activities on my schedule. 

One day, I met an old friend who had come back from another state after completing education. And he was a fitness enthusiast to the point that he was planning to be a fitness trainer. Later on, he started his own business, though. 

I shared my back pain problem with him and he suggested a few exercises in addition to a few tips to alter my diet and lifestyle. He knew that I binged on junk food. 

And this changed my life. 

Following his advice, I gradually changed my routine. I began getting up early in the morning and heading to the local gym to workout. My friend would go with me, as he was already a member of that gym in the same community. 

And guess what? This routine changed how I felt in a couple of months, although I started feeling a noticeable reduction in my back pain in a few weeks. I was now able to bend over and lift weights without pain in my lower back. 

And this lifestyle and dietary changes also impacted my overall in a positive fashion. I lost weight and develop healthy muscle mass. 

I also started meditation sessions, which helped me have better control over my mind. I became stress-free and more productive. 

Now, I have become a fitness enthusiast just like David, my friend. 

One day, we were surfing the web looking for some fresh fitness tips. And we found a community-driven service marketplace called EezyBee. It’s a platform that helps service seekers look for service providers on a community level to help each other and build better communities. 

And after browsing the platform, we both decided to sign up. As fitness and wellness enthusiasts, our dream or intention was to help our community members achieve their fitness goals and lead better disease-free lives. 

And it worked. 

EezyBee is a platform that helps service seekers look for service providers on a community level to help each other and build better communities.

David and I are partners in this service-oriented business. On EezyBee, we offer our services to service seekers in our own community by helping them perform exercises, meditation and eat better based on their goals. 

Some people underestimate the importance of a personal trainer or coach when it comes to exercising. According to reports, many people get injured each year just because they don’t know how to do the exercises they want to do. 

During my journey as a fitness hobbyist, I came to know that having someone on your side to direct you how to meditate, eat, train, and exercise is essential. You just can’t do without one for many reasons. 

No matter what your fitness goals may be, whether you want to lose weight, run for marathon or just want to achieve physical fitness, you need someone to do things the right way. 

One of the core reasons why you should hire a personal trainer is that they will teach you how to do exercises. You will be unlikely to hit your fitness goals if you don’t get exercise right. 

So, what does a fitness coach do for you? Let’s find out. 

  • They help you choose and perform the right exercises based on your goals 
  • They will help you choose the right techniques and postures so don’t get an injury
  • They will direct you based on your unique requirements 
  • They help you have realistic goals 
  • They keep on the track and hold your accountable 
  • They help you choose the right combo of diets and exercises 

The points given above are some of the main reasons why you should have someone who already knows well which exercises to do and how. 

At EezyBee, you can choose wellness enthusiasts from your own community to workout with you, without spending too much instead of hiring expert fitness trainers who charge hefty amounts for their services. 

Unlike those experts, here on EezyBee, we, as service providers, don’t charge much as making money is not our primary motive to sign up and serve our own people who want to have some fitness goals to hit. 

And like us, there are many providers on this avenue that may work with you and even be your friends on the way. You will find it comfortable working out following their directions. Since they will be from your own community and they will always be there to help you. And you won’t need to drive miles to reach out for help. 

And the overall cost will be a lot lower. You will get all the assistance you need for a fraction of the price you would pay for the services of those professional trainers. 

Your coach may come to your place to train you or you both can decide on a place that can suit your needs. 

So, if you are looking for someone who could show you which exercise to do and how, make sure you check out EezyBee to have a fitness enthusiast from your own community for help. This will help you hit your goals without getting an injury. After all, in your live, nothing should matter more than your health. 


Max is a fitness /wellness enthusiast and a community contributer.

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