EezyBee Offers Tons of Work Opportunities For Retired Professionals

February 01, 2018  By A Waheed

Life after retirement is quite different. Preparing for retirement is pretty much like making arrangements for a trip. Things may not go as planned. However, if you are prepared well, the outcome may be a lot better. 

You can’t know for sure what retirement is like until you are there in that phase of your life. With a better plan, you have the flexibility to work your way around to adapt to the difficult circumstances. 

And that’s what Olivia, 60, went through when she decided to take retirement. She had a 9 to 5 day job that took most of her time. Having a busy lifestyle, she is married with two kids. 

Now, her two sons live in another state. And she lives with her husband in California. After retirement, she decided to do things that she couldn’t do as a jobholder, due to one reason or the other. 

During the first three months of her post-retirement, Olivia couldn’t try anything new despite her firm resolutions. She woke up late and spent most of her day watching TV, which was a pretty sedentary lifestyle. 

Soon, she got bored and realized that having a job was a lot better than sitting idle all day and that her job kept her more entertained and satisfied. At least, she was doing something productive adding to the community. 

She got sick of her retirement life and thought of starting her own small business, but she didn’t have enough funds for a start-up. 

He had a strong desire to tour the world, but again budget was a big problem. 

And that’s where her life took a big turn.

One day, his son came over. During a conversation, she shared her concerns with him. Michael, her son, suggested her to look for some part-time work, which could keep her busy. At the same time, she could earn a side income to turn her dreams into reality.

Olivia asked around for some part-time jobs for seniors, and came to know about EezyBee, which is a community-based service marketplace. Her cousin was already working as a community service provider through EezyBee.

Reading up on EezyBee for a couple of hours, she got quite familiar with how the things worked on this avenue. 

She signed up and looked for the right type of service she could offer to service seekers in her community. 

You can’t know for sure what retirement is like until you are there in that phase of your life. With a better plan, you have the flexibility to work your way around to adapt to the difficult circumstances.

With a bit of research and thinking, Olivia decided to adopt house sitting as her part-time work. The idea was quite appealing because she could take care of this responsibility along with her husband. 

Within a couple of days, she got her first service seeker who was looking for someone to care for her dog in his house when he was away on a business trip. 

Since the house was in another state, Olivia and her husband grabbed this opportunity to spend a few weeks in a new state, and immediately said “yes” to the offer and got hired. 

The “pay” was good and the house was awesome. 

Olivia was happy to realize that care taking and house sitting is one of the best means to travel without depleting her savings or spending all of retirement income. Thanks to EezyBee that offered her the opportunity to find work so effortlessly. 

House sitting assignments many offer positions for a couple as well. So, if you are married, you both may get hired. Besides, you are at the liberty to choose between a short-term and a long-term option. 

And Olivia got so lucky that she turned her care taking into a way to travel several states of the USA, and that too while getting paid. 

While she travels several times a year, most of her trips are short term. Before she came to know About EezyBee, she was tired and stressed. And she needed some time alone away from all the distractions around her in her home. 

So, if you are going to be a retiree soon, EezyBee may offer you another great opportunity in the form of a service that you may be passionate about. 

On average, people have around 20 years of post retirement life. And this time is enough to put together a great masterpiece, mentor youth, run a marathon or travel the whole planet. Tomorrow can be a starting point of new adventures, great success and new joys.

It’s up to you how you are going to spend these gold years of your life after retirement. Get the most out of these precious moments serving your communities while earning a bit extra to live your life to the fullest. EezyBee can a be great solution. So, why not give it a go? Sign up today as it is free!

A Waheed

A Waheed is a community contributor with passion to support initiatives that positively impact the community.

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