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February 01, 2018  By Tony

Washing your vehicle is important to prevent a myriad of contaminants, such as dust, dirt, bug guts, tree sap, air borne pollutants and salt from sticking to your vehicle. Most experts recommend that you wash your car at least once per week to protect the paint and finish. Besides, a wall-kept car lasts longer and is a sign of an owner that belongs to a civilized community.  

We have to accept the fact that most of us don’t wash our cars unless we see the words, “Wash me!” on a two months old layer of dust, pollen or mud on the exteriors of our vehicles. The purpose of washing your car is to maintain its condition and protect the resale value for as long as possible. 

So, what is it that stops us from having a car wash in a timely fashion? For some, it’s the price. They think it costs too much to wash their vehicle on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. And they are right, to some extent. Others don’t have the time for this chore and then there are some who are too lazy to do it on their own or hire a service provider. 

The easiest way to avoid the expense is to get your vehicle sold. But there can be other good alternatives, which may be worth giving a go to. Some car wash service providers offer discounts and allow you to have your vehicle washed as often as you want if you choose to pay a fixed monthly price. So, this can be an option for you.

And then there is another simple and cost-effective option: you can pay someone in your own community to have your vehicle washed by hand. 

This is what Clark and Michael do as a part-time business. They don’t run a car wash service center, but wash, wax and detail vehicles like pros on weekends when they have free time to go to the people’s houses and earn some side income while serving their community and developing stronger bonds. When people need them, they are just a call away!

EezyBee is an online service marketplace where both these friends get in touch with the service seekers living in their own community. And some of them are their neighbors, who didn’t know of the two boys until they came across EezyBee. 

At EezyBee, both service seekers and service providers come together and enter into an agreement to get something done. Clark and Michael have been offering these services for over 3 weeks now, and they are doing very well and having a great time. 

They are also earning some extra cash that they are saving to do some travels, which is their dream. Traveling is not cheap, even if you want to travel within the USA. If traveling overseas is your dream, be ready to spend a substantial amount of money. And this may not be affordable for most people. Clark and Michael have started their fundraising effort through service offerings on EezyBee to support their travel plan in the summer.  They are enjoying the experience and at the same time able to socialize with their community and earn some good cash. So they are very pleased with the opportunities and benefits they are gaining through EezyBee.

So, if you are looking for a good car wash service but can’t afford to pay too much money, look around your community for a service provider to help you. They will be at your door in time, eliminating the need to drive your car to the service center, which may be quite a distance from your home. And this is where EezyBee steps in. All you have to do is sign up on EezyBee and look for a service provider who offers a hand car wash service. Maybe you can find one around you. 


Tony is a community supporter and contributor on EezyBee, with interests in environment conservation and automobile.

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