How EezyBee Can Lift Your New Start-up Off the Ground In a Lean Way

February 01, 2018  By Gabe Melean

As an entrepreneur or owner of a new startup, you need to assess all resources and risks around you to grow your idea/business. It’s hard, and it becomes even more challenging when you’re on a tight budget with no resources to hire full-time employees.

From the start, you can’t afford to drain your pockets for overhead costs such as administration expenses, payable methods, market research, and marketing to name a few. With a low budget and little to no experience in managing a business or a team of in-house employees, new business owners go through a lot of stress and financial hurdles. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you now have an easy way out.

At EezyBee, you can nurture and fast track the organic growth of your business by taking advantage of various utilities, benefits, and value propositions that EezyBee has to offer. EezyBee is a launchpad for budding entrepreneurs and new start-ups.

1. Market research for sound decisions

A core component of developing a solid business strategy, market research is a coordinated effort to secure vital information in regard to target markets, customers, or specific audiences. You can gather this kind of information to determine your:

  • Market needs

  • Market size

  • Competition

Market research involves using all of this information to support your decision-making processes. Needless to say, market research is kind of a big deal!

2. Gain visibility by positioning yourself on a strategic marketplace

Before anyone can even start considering your business for products or services, they’ll need to be aware your business exists in the first place! That’s why visibility is so important. By positioning yourself strategically on EezyBee, you’ll be gaining much-needed exposure to locals in your area.

3. Market and promote your brand and offerings

You could have the best brand, product, or service on the planet...but without proper marketing, your business may never grow. On EezyBee, you can promote your brand and offerings by implementing effective and unique marketing strategies. Be creative and think outside of the box with your marketing and you may just see positive growth of your business sooner than you thought.


The EezyBee platform was made with entrepreneurs in mind, so why not take advantage of it?

4. Test your service/product pricing strategy with full transparency

Conventional business models require you to test your service/product at a significant cost with high risk involved. This alone is enough to intimidate many aspiring entrepreneurs from pursuing their goals and aspirations. Fortunately, this won’t be a problem for much longer! EezyBee provides a platform for new entrepreneurs to openly test their service-pricing strategy at no initial cost (signing up to the platform is free) and with low-risk. All prices for your offered services are stated upfront for your potential clients to make an ideal decision based on your services, pricing, and all other relevant details. There’s no better way to put your offering to the test.

5. Assess market acceptance

By utilizing an online service marketplace, you can openly assess the market acceptance of what your business is offering. The number of clients you can receive on a regular basis, the frequency in which they make purchases, and continuing increases in production needs are just some a few of the ways you can better assess your market acceptance on EezyBee.

6. Receive payment securely from clients without having to set up a payment gateway of your own

Concerns of security and reliability come to mind when dealing with payment-related matters in business. First and foremost, setting up a payment gateway is not only a task that takes time, but it also incurs significant cost. After building a payment gateway from scratch, you’ll need to ensure all transactions are encrypted in order to guarantee your consumers’ financial security, as well as your own. All processes involve endless cycles of testing and adjustment, why spend your time, attention, and hard-earned money on these payment aspects when you can simply set up your business on a platform that offers all of these features from the get-go?

7. Receive feedback from clients based on your service/product offering

Client and customer feedback is priceless in the world of business. You can take your business to the next level by addressing questions or concerns voiced by the majority of your clients while building stronger relationships with those who have given their feedback in the first place. Most businesses go well out of their way devising new methods of receiving customer feedback, whereas EezyBee allows you to freely receive client or customer feedback all on a single hub.

Your services can receive ratings and reviews on the platform. Not only are these ratings and reviews useful for providing you with customer/client feedback, but it also serves as an excellent marketing tool by showing others who you’ve worked with and what kind of rating and review you received.

8. Manage your sales. Track your service/purchase history.

Sales management can be a huge pain if you don’t have your finances organized or if you don’t effectively maintain your service/purchase history. By having transaction history readily available to you at all times, EezyBee allows you to keep track of all the sensitive financial information pertaining to your business at all times. You can utilize this information to plan and strategize your sales based on consumer trends, providing yet another avenue for you to expand your business.

By having all of these tools at your exposure, there’s no reason why you can’t jumpstart your business and start taking significant strides toward your goals and aspirations. The EezyBee platform was made with entrepreneurs in mind, so why not take advantage of it? At this point, the only thing stopping you. For those of you who are just getting started with launching your business or are thinking about launching a business, leave a comment below to share your story. We’d love to hear more about you, your business, and what you have to offer!


Gabe Melean

Gabe Melean is the Operations Associate of the EezyBee Team.

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