EezyBee Helps People Get Back On Their Feet After a Job Loss

February 03, 2018  By A Waheed

Life is difficult. Not all of us have big savings to lead our lives without worrying about budget constraints. Most of us have primary jobs that provide as a source of income, and the thought of losing a job may scare the living daylight out of anyone. 

Getting the news that your employer is scaling down business can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t have a lot of funds in your savings. Loss of a job may mimic the feelings you have the moment you hear the news of losing a loved one. The stages are similar:

  • Shock
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Grief 
  • Evaluation 
  • Acceptance 

And that’s what happened to Anna, a web designer and developer based in California. She was having a great time during those days, and then she got a call from the HR department that they are going to downsize. And a couple of weeks later, the employer decided to shut down giving her that terrifying notice. 

“I felt like someone punched me in my gut,” Anna described her feelings when she had that notice in her hand. She cried herself to sleep and many times after that too. She couldn’t imagine the reaction of her kids after breaking the news to them. “I would be responsible for their sadness”, she added. 

She applied for unemployment benefits, but that money was not enough to help her make both ends meet. Anna was desperately looking for another job, but couldn’t find one for months. 

Months went by but she was unable to find work that could give her the financial support that she desperately needed. It was adding to her anxiety and depression. Life was getting even more difficult for her. 

And then she started looking for work online. She searched many job portals and found EezyBee.

For years, Anna had held a passion for interior design. Since she didn’t have a degree in the field, she had no idea that this passion could turn into a great money making opportunity. 

She worked as a web designer and developer for 5 years. Her job was to sit at a computer for hours working with HTML and Photoshop. With zero experience in interior designing, she decided to give this field a go as this was her passion. 

Even when she was doing a job, she regularly read up on interior design, home decoration, kitchen makeovers and things like that. She even wrote a couple of articles for blogs in that niche. So, she had plenty of knowledge of how things work in this field. 

I felt like someone punched me in my gut

Equipped with all the knowledge, she asked her family, friends and colleagues to recommend her to people they know whenever they need a helping hand to redesign or redecorate their houses. And it worked. She landed a few jobs here and there over the next few months. 

Soon she had some experience under her belt as an interior designer. And she got this experience working for people in her own community. She didn’t charge much. In fact, the money she charged was a fraction of what professional interior designers normally charge. 

When she knew about EezyBee, she decided to offer her services through this platform so she could reach as many service seekers as possible. Since this was her passion, she was actually having a great time doing all the makeovers, decorations and stuff like that. 

And now, Anna has started to be a well-known name around her community as a friendly, reliable, experienced and cost-effective interior designer. She doesn’t even think about going back to work in an office-environment anymore as she feels she can launch her new career through EezyBee.

EezyBee changed Anna’s life for the better by providing her with an opportunity to transform her passion into her next career transition. Nowadays, she helps people design, decorate and upgrade their houses without charging a lot of money. 

EezyBee became a means of financial support for Anna, and this has been a win-win deal for both Anna and the people she serves in her community, and other communities nearby her location. 

Working with a good interior designer for a home makeover or home decoration project may take a lot of time and money, but if you have done your homework and have a plan in place, you can save a lot of time, effort and money. And this is where Anna steps in. Interior design and decoration is her special thing. And she loves it. People get hitched in the houses that she designed and / or re-organized. So, this is how EezyBee helped Anna, a middle age unemployed woman, get back on her feet again after losing a job that she was relying completely to feed her kids and meet other routine expenses. 

If you are jobless or have lost a job and you have a skill that you can offer to people in your community, make sure you give a try to EezyBee. Like Anna, you may get on your feet again earning money to live your life. 


A Waheed

A Waheed is a community contributor with passion to support initiatives that positively impact the community.

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