EezyBee Helps Retirees Save Money On Home Maintenance

February 06, 2018  By A Waheed

Retirement is that phase of life when a retiree has to face a lot of challenges, especially in this era of busy lifestyle and technology. Today, many retirees live alone far away from their children. Living alone can sometimes be challenging, particularly for people over the age of 70. 

Elaine, 75, has been in a similar situation. Her husband passed away when she was 65, and her only daughter who is married now lives with her husband in a separate house in another state. Now, she is on her own in her house in San Jose, California. 

She has her retirement money, which she spends to cover her day-to-day expenses. Aside from her loneliness, the only thing that worries her a lot is the routine house maintenance. She can’t do it on her own as she doesn’t have the skills and more importantly the energy at this old age. 

There are of course professionals out there who she can call for help with regular upkeep of her place, but then she has the budget constraints. She doesn’t want to drain her pocket due to retirement fund restriction. 

Nowadays, baby boomers are struggling to set aside budget for their life after retirement. It was not that difficult for the previous generation because a number of factors, such as shorter lifespan. During those times, their average lifespan was 62 years, but now it’s 81 (for women in the United States). But now a number of factors are playing part in causing budget problems for retired women, such as 

  • Longer life spans 
  • Higher debt
  • Legislative uncertainty 
  • Fluctuations in property value and expenses 
  • And many others 

Due to the factors above, now, it has become more challenging for retired women to cover their routine expenses and at the same time set aside a considerable amount of money each month to perform the routine house maintenance. 

And that’s what Elaine is trying to figure out. She estimated that the regular upkeep of her house would cost between $2,000 or $3,000 per year, according to the Square Foot Rule and 1 Percent Rule respectively. 

She knows that many factors have an impact on the cost of repairs, such as the age, weather, location, condition and the type of property. Elaine also realizes that home maintenance is essential as it saves you money over the long haul, keeps a home efficient, and raises its value over time. 

Until a few months back, she has no idea how she could carry out all the basic home maintenance tasks without taking out a lot of money from her savings. Someone in the neighborhood introduced her to EezyBee, a community-driven online service marketplace. 

EezyBee is a place where service seekers can look for more affordable and cost effective service providers around their community for help with their routine activities. After a couple of days, Elaine found a good guy around her community who agreed to do the home upkeep tasks on a regular basis so that she could have peace of mind that her property is in good shape. And that guy doesn’t charge much. 

Loneliness was another thing that was bothering Elaine. And John, the service provider, gives her company from time to time to lessen her feelings of boredom and loneliness. Elaine and John have become friends through their house upkeep engagement. 

Now, Elaine is quite comfortable and relaxed. She doesn’t have to worry about being alone or being charged too much for her house maintenance. Thanks to EezyBee, she can now live her retirement life with less worry and stress, and at the same time get to know more people in the neighborhood. 

EezyBee has rejuvenated Elaine’s life after retirement. Whenever she needs to fix or replace a broken toilet lever, clear a stuck garbage disposal, patch a hole in ceiling or wall, replace a light bulb or loosen a stuck door or window, she gives a call to John. He comes over promptly to perform the required job and gets paid easily and conveniently. 

Without any doubt, EezyBee makes the lives of retirees a lot affordable, comfortable, and cost-effective. And this contributes to better communities. 

So, if you are a retiree like Elaine and need a helping hand with your day-to-day house maintenance, make sure you sign up with EezyBee and look for someone in the neighborhood for assistance. 

A Waheed

A Waheed is a community contributor with passion to support initiatives that positively impact the community.

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