EezyBee Provides Untapped Opportunities to Support Education

February 15, 2018  By A Waheed

Our youth deserves to complete their school and college education, and their kids deserve to grow up in homes that are financially and emotionally stable. In fact, our communities depend largely on the education, health, and productivity of young people. 

The education costs are quite high in California. According to the College Board study, the tuition and fees for colleges in California are $1,430 for a student who carries at least 12 credit hours in a fall or spring semester. 

And that cost doesn’t include room and board or financial aid. For private campuses, the average costs for food and dorms were $12,210, and for public 4-year campuses, it’s $10,800. 

Chloe is one of the Californian students who have been helping her mother save money for her education fund. Her mother, Amanda, is a housewife, but offers her party planning services around the community to earn additional income. 

Amanda is into party planning. In the beginning, she took a position at a popular venue conglomerate. She worked at a caterer to join a hospitality chain later on. Over those years, she got plenty of experience to organize parties, ranging from birthday parties, surprise parties, anniversary parties and family gatherings, to name a few. 

This was the time when she stopped being the horse and start becoming the rider. Now that she is a senior community member and doesn’t have a full-time job, she devotes her time helping people in her community arrange parties working through EezyBee, a community-driven service marketplace. 

At EezyBee, both Amanda and her daughter offer their duet team service as party planning squirrels and charge by the hour. People call them to help out when they don’t know how to make arrangement for their daughter’s birthday, what stuff to buy, how to send invitations, how to arrange furniture and stuff like that.

Party planning takes a lot of time, effort and creativity, and in the process, the planner has to stay organized. Actually, planning for a party is a structured process and it should have carefully planned steps. Most people tend to race against the time when the big day approaches. This is where they make a lot of embarrassing mistakes that are related to:

  • Date & time
  • Location
  • Theme
  • Audience 
  • Menu 
  • Budget 

Give yourself permission to get a helping hand and you will never regret the decision

While it’s natural to be a bit tense or frustrated as the big day approaches, getting someone to help out is a stroke of genius. And this is where Amanda and her lovely daughter Chloe step in. 

She often gets a call when someone in the neighborhood throws a party and the key speaker calls in sick or the food tastes like cardboard just before the door opens for the guests to come in. 

At times, other epic event disasters happen. The DJ may have a collection of songs that no one seems to find interesting. 

“It causes a lot of embarrassment when someone is accidentally left off the invitation list,” says Amanda. 

Amanda and Chloe help people in her neighborhood make a guest list, set a party theme, send invitations, choose the best avenue, and buy required stuff to throw the best party. She knows what works and what doesn’t so that possible catastrophes could be avoided. 

“Most people pay to party, but we get paid to party,” says Chloe. Amanda realizes that helping others in the community is more important than making money. While she does make money for her services, that is not her sole purpose. In fact, she says that helping people hold a party is as fun as the party itself. 

She has this sense of happiness that she has been doing something to grow a better community. The price the duet team offers for the services is quite lower than what professionals charge. So, the team is quite affordable and companionable for the whole community.

“Give yourself permission to get a helping hand and you will never regret the decision,” writes Amanda on her profile on EezyBee. 

EezyBee can be your best choice if you are on the lookout of a means to give back to your community and earn money at the same time. Healthy communities rely on good bonds between community members, and the bonding gets stronger if each member finds ways to help other members. And EezyBee is trying to achieve the same goal by helping service seekers and service providers get together to make their lives easier. 

A Waheed

A Waheed is a community contributor with passion to support initiatives that positively impact the community.

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