Online Service Marketplace EezyBee Makes it Easier for You to Reinvent Yourself

June 26, 2018  By Christine Nguyen

With the rise in technology and mechanization, comes the steady increase in replacing human employees with robots. A study by Ball State University's Center for Business and Economic Research states that about half of our American jobs will be at risk of automation and computerization. Meaning, you could be replaced by a machine if your company would see to it. In their eyes, machines are easier and cheaper to manage, on top of being highly consistent and requires no extra human hindrances. The cost of having a human-being as a library technician are higher than that of a computer to provide the same amount of information.

So what can one do in this kind of crummy situation? Your job is at risk and if you apply for the same job somewhere else you'd still be at risk of getting laid off. Just because your job is safe for now, does not mean it will be that way forever. What about utilizing the skill sets you've made throughout your employment and putting them somewhere along the line of freelancing?

The great thing about reinventing yourself is that you can be just as competitive in the current job market with the right tools by your side. Just because your current career is now unessential does not mean you can't find a different path. When you've mastered the art of reinvention, you can also become extremely successful in anything you set your mind to. Reinventing yourself for your career is never too hard and it is never too late to start something new. Being able to reinvent yourself can be a long journey full of ups and downs, but EezyBee is here to make that transition easy for you.

First off, figure out the skills you've learned so far in your career. Now do any of these skills seem to be something you'd be more interested in? Are any of these skills something you can build off of? Identify your best skill sets and you will be able to find something you can do with that. For example, if you were a model maker, you might have high constructive and development skills. You can easily become a freelance constructor or architect. At EezyBee you can get a jumpstart to your new career based on the skill sets you already have. It makes it easy for you to build the clientele, earn the recognition, and experience you need to further your success.

The transparency of EezyBee makes it so your potential clientele will feel more trustworthy towards you and gives you that jumpstart you need. Everything that there is to know about your business is there for the service seeker to see. All the service details, such as pricing, are stated up front. That way, the service seeker can choose the most ideal option for them without having to waste their time. This type of authentic business model will help you succeed in any independent career.

If you're still unsure about what career path you'd want to take, EezyBee is risk-free for your potential business. You can try out different types of professions you've always wanted to do. For instance, if you were a hand stitcher for a clothing company, you can effortlessly start up your own tailoring or clothing design business on EezyBee. There are so many different possibilities for you and this platform makes it easier for you to figure out what you'd be the most successful at. You can post up as many services as you can to try out different paths without the risk of having to stick to one specific job that's not right for you.

A great tip to reinventing your career to is to make social media work for you. You'd want your virtual business to reflect and promote all your real-world accomplishments. EezyBee allows you to have both your social media and accomplishments all on one platform. The review section shows the service seekers just how amazing you are at your new career. Real world people giving real reviews about your services allows others to trust what you are putting out. EezyBee also has a great feature that allows you to connect your other social media accounts like Facebook and LinkedIn. You can let the service seekers know more about you and your business, making you more authentic and credible.

Of course changing careers can be difficult and unfortunately, you can't go back in time to alter your decisions and experiences. Your job history is your job history, but that does not mean you should consider the whole thing as a loss! Instead, allow EezyBee to be the tool you need to reinvent yourself for that much-needed career change and to get your business up and running. Put these tips to work, and your big leap will be more exciting than it is scary.

Christine Nguyen

Christine Nguyen is a content contributor on EezyBee

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